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Childminding, School Pickups and Holiday Cover

I am able to claim the Free For Two funding and 15 hours funded by KCC for 3 and 4 year olds.


Childminding services are available from Mon-Fri from 8am-6pm

£4 per hour (full day)

£4.50 per hour (half day)

School Pickups

School pickups are available from Mon-Fri from 8am-6pm

£4.50 per hour

Holiday Cover

Holiday Cover is available from Mon-Fri from 8am-6pm

£4 per hour (full day)

£4.50 per hour (half day)

Childminding, School Pickups and Holiday Cover


I am registered to care for 5 children under 8, and can offer full or part time care, Monday-Friday, 8am-6pm. I can provide temporary/emergency care, school/nursery dropping off/collection, and school holiday cover. Times can be flexible, with prior agreement. I also offer a babysitting service, with prior arrangement. Please see my 'Services' page for more details.

Parents are asked to provide main meals for their children which can be warmed if required. Healthy snacks and drinks will be provided throughout the day. Parents are also asked to provide nappies (if applicable), wipes, a spare pair of clothes (lots if toilet training!) a pair of wellies to keep here for bad weather/outdoor messy play, clothing appropriate for the weather, e.g, hats and gloves in winter, sunhat in summer, etc. I will provide aprons for messy play!

I live in a 3 bed semi-detatched house. The children will have access to all areas downstairs, and the garden, although they will not have access to the kitchen or garden without supervision. The bathroom is accessable upstairs, although the bedrooms will not be.

A wide range of toys/activities are on offer including:

  • Books
  • Construction blocks (wooden bricks, lego, mega blocks, sticklebricks)
  • Puzzles
  • Board Games
  • Role play - Dolls, Wooden Kitchen, Doctors, Shops
  • Dressing Up
  • Cars/Trains
  • Small world play (happy land, animals)
  • Light and sound activity toys
  • Baby Walkers, playmat, sit up ring
  • Musical Instruments
  • Puppets/Puppet Theatre
  • Story/Song bags
  • Treasure Baskets
  • Nature resources - Shells, conkers, leaves etc
  • Cooking
  • Tv/Dvd/PC (Limitied time spent doing these activities, close supervision on PC)
  • Arts and crafts (painting, drawing, sticking, playdough, gloop)
    Sand/water play
  • Garden play (Playhouse, garden toys, slide, tent/tunnel. toddler trampoline, ride on toys)

Outdoor play/outings are included as part of our everyday routine. Regular outings include walks, trips to the park/playground, local shops, library, local playgroups, music groups. I will gain permission from parents and carry out risk assessments before each outing.

A 2-4 week settling in period is offered, working together with parents to help the child settle in. During this time, it may be that the parents stay with their child at first, gradually leaving him/her for longer periods of time. I am happy for parents to call me and can give parents a text message or phone call to let them know how their child is. This can be discussed and decided upon with parents. I also use a daily contact book to inform parents of our daily activities, meals, sleeps, memorable moments, etc, and equally for parents to make comments in.

My aims and objectives are:

  • To provide a safe, stimulating and friendly environment for all children to grow and develop in
  • To provide a home to home environment for all children
  • To work in partnership with parents and other agencies (nurserys/schools)
  • To follow the statutory framework of the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) as required by OFSTED
  • To promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle
  • To provide a range of age-appropriate toys/resources
  • To encourage learning through play and promote free flow play within my setting
  • To treat all children and parents with equal concern and promote equal opportunities
  • To have lots of FUN!!!

I follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Framework, which sets standards for the learning, development and care of children from birth to 5 years old. I do this by producing a Unique Learning Journey for each child. This includes photographs of the child, observations, assessments and planning for next steps. Parents and children (if age appropriate) are also encouraged to add to this.

I use the Areas of Learning and Development when observing, assessing, and planning for each child’s individual needs to make sure they are constantly challenged and to help them to develop and succeed.

There are seven areas of development, which are divided into two parts, Prime Areas and Specific Areas.

The 3 Prime Areas are:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development

These Prime Areas are for all children and will always be the main focus for my planning and activities for babies and children under 3.

The 4 Specific Areas are:

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Designs

These Specific Areas will mostly be used for the older children (over 3) but are also relevant for younger children.

For more information about the EYFS please go to www.foundationyears.org.uk


About Me

My name is Claire, and I am an OFSTED registered childminder (Registered since 2012) based in Broadstairs, Thanet. Previously to this, I worked as a nanny for 6 years, and before this, I worked in a nursery. I have a BTEC National Diploma In Early Years – Level 3 and hold a Paediatric First Aid Certificate which is valid until May 2019. I am a member of PACEY (Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years) with whom I have Full Public Liability Insurance. I undertake regular training to develop my knowledge and understanding further.

I live in Broadstairs, Thanet, with my husband and our two daughters, who were born in September 2011 and November 2013. Both myself and my husband are non smokers, and have been CRB checked by OFSTED. Our only pets are fish!.

I drive a Peugeot 306 and have fully comprehensive insurance, MOT and breakdown cover. I also have business cover, which will enable me to take the children out (with written permission from parents.)

I aim to provide a safe, friendly and stimulating environment for all children that I care for, and for each child to feel safe, secure and valued. I understand the importance of working in partnership with parents to give each child continuity of care and a home to home experience. I have always enjoyed working with children and find it very rewarding, and enjoy the challenges along the way!


  • 2012-Present

    OFSTED registered Childminder


  • March 2005-2011



  • December 2004-2005



  • December 2002-2004

    Thanet College - BTEC National Diploma In Early Years – Level 3


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Please see below a list of my current vancancies for childminding, afterschool and holiday cover.


Monday-Friday 8am-6pm

No places currently available.

After School

Monday-Friday 8am-6pm

School pickups available are from Bromstone School, Broadstairs.

Holiday Cover

Monday-Friday 8am-6pm

Places available.

Please enquire for availability using the Contact Form within the site.

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